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The acronym Nadex expands to form the North American Derivatives Exchange, which is a completely web-based platform that offers binary options trading for its members. There is no need of a download or any installation. The members can simply log into their accounts and start placing orders directly into the exchange. The reliability and usability of the platform can be assessed from the following features:

User experience: the users come across a completely web-based program that has direct access tools. This means that there is no need of any installation or downloads for the program to run. The traders can simply log in as a member and place their orders directly.

Assets: the trades that can be traded under the Nadex platform are displayed in the following table:

Forex Stock markets Financial market events Commodities
Wall Street 30 Fed Funds Rate Crude Oil
Natural Gas
  • European (ECB) Rate




  • US Tech 100


Core CPI (Consumer Price Index)  Silver
  FTSE 100 Unemployment Rate 
  • Copper
  Germany 30 Jobless Claims Soybeans
  • India 50
  Nonfarm Payrolls Corn 
  • Japan 225
  • Korea 200

Expiry periods: Nadex offers multiple expiry periods for the traders. These expiry times can be intraday/hourly, daily and weekly. The hourly expiry period option does not hold good for Japan 225, India 50 and Korea 200. Different strike prices are offered, within each expiry time. These strike prices are set as per the level of the market from day to day.

Payout percentage: the payout percentage with Nadex is somewhat similar to other trading platforms, which is up to 75% on a successful trade.

Minimum deposit: the traders can open their accounts free of cost, as there is no fee on becoming a member with Nadex. Besides these, there is a fee on trading, which is $1 for every contract filled and there can be a maximum of $7 with each order. Additionally for every contract settled, there is again a $1 fee. However, for positions that settle at a payout, which is less than $1 are not charged the settlement fee.

Withdrawal methods: Nadex provides withdrawals through wire transfer and checks. Again, there is a fee on wire transfer, which goes outwards. For every withdrawal through wire, transfer there is a fee of $25. A returned check costs another $25, whereas as insufficient funds in account call for a $10 fee.

Customer support: Nadex offers excellent customer support through phones and emails. All queries are deftly handled. Therefore, those traders that have any queries can easily contact the assistant manager get their problems solved.

Extra features: there is a demo account with a starting balance of $25K, which is an excellent feature for new traders to be acquainted with the financial markets and the concept of trading options. A customizable platform, Nadex offers personalized layouts that are saved so that the settings need not be changed each time a trader logs in. orders placed can be monitored and real time charts are provided for all the instruments under Nadex. Overall a good experience of trading, but the numerous fees are a bit disturbing as the other similar platforms do not charge these fees.

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