IQCent review – Should you sign up with it? – Pros and cons

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It’s important to remember that each investment has risk, but the level of risk differs in every investment. Higher risks are associated with investments that promise higher returns. However, no return on investment is guaranteed. 

Keep in mind that past and future returns can be very different from each other. That means one might lose all of their invested money. Thus, you must have all the relevant information before investing in any asset through the binary options market. 

IQCent is one of the most popular brokers in these markets. In our review, we will find out if you should sign up for it.

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

What is IQCent?

IQCent is a new trading broker that allows you to trade financial instruments in the form of cents. This platform accepts cents as low as $0.01. This binary broker was introduced in 2017, and later, it started CFD trading as well. Currently, the platform is located in Majuro, Marshall Islands. 

Unfortunately, IQCent does not allow the traders to open a demo account. But you can access one by registering yourself with the live account and funding it. The customer care team of this platform will further help you with demo account credentials. 

Using a demo account, you can practice your trading skills in a risk-free environment. Also, the demo account has some trading features similar to real trading. In addition, IQCent offers three different account types, including gold, silver, and bronze

What’s better? IQCent has also introduced some great features like copy trading that allows the trader to copy the moves of the best traders easily. This way, you can earn profit in no time. Copy-trading also lets you learn from the experts to gain knowledge and experience. 

The minimum deposit fee for IQCent is $10. The platform offers live customer support so clients can get the best help. Before registering, the platform recommends the traders possess the required knowledge of taxation, financial, and legal grounds. 

While IQCent tries to initiate a trade at a client’s desired price, it doesn’t promise to reduce investment risk. For this reason, the trade has multiple terms and conditions. 

How to create an account with IQCent?

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

Creating an account with IQCent is quite simple and easy. You can easily do it in just a few steps: 

Step 1: Visit the IQCent website and click on the signup option. Following this, you must fill out a form mentioning all the details, like name and address. Filling incorrect information might delay or stop the account opening process. After filling in the details, go through the terms and conditions. At last, check the box that says “I confirm.” 

Step 2: After successfully registering with the IQCent, you must select an account type and fund it with the minimum acceptable amount. Once you have transferred the funds, you can begin your trading journey. 

Step 3: Take the help of an IQCent demo account to practice your trading skills. Later, you can earn a profit by making real trades. 

The traders registering themselves through IQCent must submit identification and residential proof. If the submitted proofs cannot be verified, IQCent can close down your account. Deposits are accepted in GBP, RUB, EUR, USD, and more. 

Different account types for IQCent

On the IQCent platform, binary options are a type of option that offers a higher payout. The trading depends on the simple proposition of yes and no related to the selected financial instrument. 

For trading binary options through IQCent, traders choose from three account types. The three account types are ideal for each type of trader. Keep reading to check the accounts and their features as given below. 

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

Gold account 

A Gold account is designed to target traders with great knowledge of binary options trading. So, if you consider yourself a pro trader and have a good understanding of the options market, you must choose a gold account. 

The minimum deposit amount for a Gold account is $1000. By registering with this account, you can access the master class, copy-trading tool, personal success manager, demo account, video chat support, and quick withdrawals. The holder of the Gold account also gets access to three risk-free trades. 

Silver account 

The next account offered by IQCent is the Silver account, designed for traders with some trading experience. You can choose this trading account type if you want to build a career in binary options trading without spending a huge deposit. 

A Silver account requires you to make a minimum deposit of $250 to get access. After successful registration, you can get more than a 50% bonus, access to a demo account, master class, copy-trading tool, quick withdrawals, and live support. In addition, you also get the first three risk-free trades. 

Bronze account 

The last one is the Bronze account, designed especially for beginners. If you are new to the binary options world, you must choose this account type as it has low deposit fees. A Bronze account lets you easily enter the market with a small deposit of $10. 

Once the amount is successfully deposited, you get up to a 20% bonus. Furthermore, you can expect 24/7 customer care support through live chat, demo accounts, and quick withdrawals. 

Withdrawals and deposit on IQCent

IQCent lets you open a trading account with its platform by making a small minimum deposit of $20. The deposits take place in no time, but a few deposit methods can take more time. 

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

Payment methods accepted by IQCent 

Below is a list of payment methods that IQCent accepts. 

Deposit via Visa 

After filling in all the required details, you will be redirected to the payment page. Select the account type and choose the payment method to be Visa. Make sure the elected card belongs to the trader. Otherwise, the payment might get canceled.

When you choose the payment method to be a Visa card, you must pay a 5% fee because it is a third-party service.  

Deposit via MasterCard 

The second accepted payment method by IQCent is MasterCard. After selecting the account type with this trading broker, you must choose the card through which you want to find your account. Choose MasterCard and enter the required details in it. For this payment, you are required to pay a 5% charge. 

Deposit via Skrill 

IQCent also gives you a chance to make payments and deposits through Skrill. Through this easy and hassle-free way, you can quickly fund your account. After selecting the payment method, you will be redirected to the Skrill payment page

The next step is entering the relevant details and logging in to your Skrill account. Once you have successfully made the payment, the amount will be credited to your trading account. 

What’s best about Skrill? You can easily avoid paying any fees or commission charges by choosing this payment option.  

Deposit via Altcoins 

You can fund your trading account through Altcoins from any part of the country. You do not have to pay any fees or charges for this payment method. Also, the deposited amount quickly gets credited to your account. 

Deposit via Bitcoins 

Bitcoins are similar to Altcoins and are a perfect way to fund the trading account. You can use this payment system in any part of the country. Once the Bitcoin payment system confirms the payment, your trading account instantly gets funded. 

Deposit via Ethereum

Another payment method similar to Altcoin is Ethereum. This payment method is an instant way to fund the trading account without delay. Also, you do not have to pay any extra charges while making the payment. 

Deposit via Perfect Money 

The last one is Perfect Money. When you select this payment system, a pop-up window will appear on the top, giving you an option to select a trading account. Almost all the payment methods fund the account instantly, but Perfect Money requires 60 minutes. 

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

What countries does IQCent accept? 

IQCent is one of the few trading brokers that offers its services in almost all countries. However, the services of this broker are not available in the U.S.A. In addition, due to certain legal reasons, the platform’s each feature is not available in some countries. 

IQCent trading platform review: Its features 

The IQCent trading platform is user-friendly and interactive. After opening an account, you can easily find all the relevant information. This trading broker has different tools that make it easy for the clients to make successful trades. 

One commonly available tool by IQCent is copy trading, which traders can use to learn and copy the trades of experts. The experts are put on the list as per their performance. In addition, different trading charts are also available. 

Traders also get access to the market and technical analysis that comes in handy to understand the market position. One can use the CALL and PUT buttons on the trading account to execute the trade. 

On average, the trade time varies from one minute to thirty minutes. It’s a versatile trading platform with the right user interface. You do not have to download any additional software while using this trading platform. 

You can easily access the data saved on your trading account of IQCent from any device. The tools can be used at any time to make successful trades. 

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

Copy trading – How does it work?

Copy trading is an excellent feature offered by IQCent to help traders make successful trades. You can easily start copy trading after funding your account with the minimum deposit amount. You must then select the professional and the copy trading. 

Once everything is done, you can copy all the moves of professional trades. This way, your chances of winning the trade increase. This feature is available for all traders and allows them to learn some great trading strategies. 

Old users use the copy trading method to make quick profits. In comparison, new traders take the help of this feature to understand the market in a better way. 

What’s better? Well, with copy trading on your side, you can minimize the risk of losing trades. Also, you will get an idea of allocating the funds to the assets with lower risk. 

Not to mention, copy trading saves time as traders can simply copy the moves and trade in a risk-free environment. 

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

Free bonus program

It’s another feature of IQCent that attracts new traders by offering them attractive deposit bonuses. After you become an active trader on this platform, you are rewarded with a certain amount of bonus. 

You can consider the bonus to be the return for the expenses that you have made after signing up. But a bonus will only be helpful when you trade in high volumes. So, once you get the initial deposit bonus, you must make high-volume trades. 

In addition, IQCent also offers a referral code. You will likely get a 20% bonus if you share this code with anyone. 


IQCent allows leverage up to 1:100. Remember that the leveraged product by this platform shows the potential profit of a trader. However, leverage can also increase the risk of losing the funds. 

Keeping the risk and profit aside, leverages are a great way to gain significant exposure to the trading market. 

Fees and costs

Spreads, margins, and commissions determine the cost of speculative trading in the IQCent. Here, spreads are the difference between the selling rate and buying rate. If the movement in the exchange rate results in a slight increment, it is called pip. 

The amount traders require to open a position in the account is called margins. Similarly, commissions refer to the charges imposed on the trader for commencing the trade by the broker. The commission is usually determined by the service offered and asset traded. 

When you are depositing or withdrawing, this trading platform does not charge any fees. However, the bank and other third-party charges small deposit money, where the broker does not get any commission. 

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

Customer support

IQCent is known for offering the best customer support and providing the right assistance. The customer support team ensures that clients make successful trades by offering them 24/7 help. 

IQCent traders can get live chats, and video call features to explain their issues to the clients. The customer care team can also be reached through phone calls and email. 

In addition, the platform offers safety assistance so the traders can get a better idea of the trading platform. This way, the risk of losing money also decreases. 

Conclusion: IQcent is a good broker for small deposits

IQCent is an excellent trading platform that lets you safely start your binary options trading journey. It offers three different account types, from which you can choose one. The minimum deposit amount and features of each account type are different. 

In addition, IQCent accepts different deposit and withdrawal methods, so you can easily fund your account. For customer support, traders always get live chat and video call features. 

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

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