How to create a Binary Options system that works?

Binary options are one of the most easy-to-trade financial instruments. Since they are different from conventional trading assets, you should have an altogether different trading system. 

These short-term investments can fetch you your desired fruits of investments. However, a trader needs to create a binary options system that works to help him make profits

Let us guide you into creating a beneficial binary options system. Once you build a successful binary options system, you can witness more winning trades. 

Binary Options trading system

Creating a successful Binary Options system

A binary options trader can earn more profits if he systematically follows a system and trades. If you have a well-built binary options system, you can have more clarity about when to place an options trade. A successful trading system will also help you know when to close your trade or whether to close it at a profit or a loss. 

In most cases, binary options trade is simple, involving buying the options. Mostly the payouts you receive on these trades are fixed. Therefore, a trader needs a good binary options system telling him how and when to act on his binary options trade

There are many binary options trade types you can place to earn profits. These trades generally include high or low trades, range or boundary trades, among others. 

For simplicity, consider the high/low or above/below trades. Binary options trade requires a user to determine one of the two possible outcomes. Usually, the brokers do not charge any commission from the traders for placing these trades. Therefore, a trader can earn high profits based on correct mathematical calculations. 

Binary Options trading methods

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Mathematical illustration

Suppose you signed up with a binary options broker and funded your account to place a trade. You may deposit anywhere between $30 to $1,000. Let us consider the amount you deposit as VAL and the amount you invest as INV. 

If you win a trade, ‘pW’ will be your payout. On the other hand, let us assume your payout to be ‘pL’ on making a loss. Some leading online trading platforms like Quotex offer users a high payout percentage. 

Let us suppose this payout matrix is 75%, including a 10% winning stake. The loss stake in this scenario is assumed at 10%. The results in this situation will be pW=1.75 and pL=0.1. 

After you place a ‘t’ number of trades, your trading account balance will get reflected with the help of the following equation.

VALt = VALt-1 + <þt W + (1 – þt) L – 1> INV

In this situation, the stochastic variable p will assume the value of 1 or 0. If its value turns out 1, you win your binary options trade. However, a value of zero will indicate a loss on the trade.

The equation value can change depending on the results of your prior trades. You can determine the success ratio of your binary options system with the help of the following equation. 

SRt = (S þt)/t

For instance, if you win 25 of your binary options trades out of 40, the success ratio will equal 62.5%. 

Based on this equation, a trader can determine whether his binary options system promotes winning trades. If the success percentage or ratio is less than 50%, a trader needs to work on his trading system. A better trading system with a high success ratio will turn the odds in his favor and enable him to earn more with binary options trading

There are some things a trader must remember before creating a trading system. Let us look at those things which can help the traders perfect their trading system.

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

Things to keep in mind while creating a Binary Options trading system

If a trader keeps following things in mind while creating a binary options trading system, the chances of success are manifold. 

Winning trades

A trader should track his winning trades to build a successful trading system. The binary options trading system that makes the trader earn more with every options trade is a viable one. 

Binary Options winning trades

Your binary options system should help you win more than 50% of trades. To know whether your binary options trading system is viable, you can place a few options trades on your demo account. 

The best binary options platform offers the traders a demo account. You can sign up for the Quotex demo account and help yourselves build a better binary options system.

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

Volume of trades

The next thing that a trader needs to consider to build an adept binary options system is the volume of trades he places. An accurate trading system will be the most precise if the number of options trades is high. 

The more binary options you trade, the more accurately you will be able to calculate the success ratio. 

Low investment

If you are trying to build a binary options trading system, you should place low investment trades initially. It will help you eliminate the fear of losing more. 

The low investment will help you keep your losses in check while also allowing you to focus on coming up with a binary options trading system. 

Getting started with Binary Options trading

A trader needs to get into binary options trading to build a binary options system. To begin it, a trader can follow these simple steps.

  • Choose a broker: To initiate binary options trading, a trader needs to pick a suitable broker. Lots of brokers in the market, including Quotex, offer traders many tools to help them build their perfect binary options system. 

When choosing a broker, a trader should check whether he is genuine. Many scammers are waiting to bait the traders in the market. Therefore, a correct choice of the broker is of vital importance for the traders. 

  • Sign up for an account: A trader can sign up for a live trading account after choosing a broker. These days all online trading platforms offer the traders a hassle-free signup process. Quotex is one such broker offering traders a hassle-free and user-friendly trading experience. 

You can sign up for a trading account with these brokers after entering your relevant information, such as your email ID, name, etc. 

  • Choose an underlying asset: The next thing a trader should do is choose an underlying asset. The binary options market is widely gaining traders’ attention because of its simplicity in trading. 

The traders can use various trading indicators and tools to determine the best asset for you. Quotex offers you all the leading trading indicators that you can use to find out the most profitable asset. 

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

Choose if you want to trade up or down with Binary Options
Choose if you want to trade up or down with Binary Options
  • Place your trade: Now that you have chosen an underlying asset, you can place your binary options trade. Before placing trades from your live trading account, you could try doing it from your demo account to minimize your losses. 
  • Once you place your trades, you will know about the losses and wins on your binary options trade. The volume of trades you place and the amount of investment you make will help you build binary options systems. 
  • A trader should try placing accurate trades if they wish to build a perfect trading system. Following these tips will help traders place some adept trades. 
  • A trader should use the demo trading account to check whether his trading decisions will reap the desired fruits. A demo account will help the traders land perfect decisions and mint them more money. A trader can try different strategies on his demo account to build a powerful binary options system. 
  • While trying to create a binary options system that brings him high profits, a trader should consider using the trading tools and indicators. Nothing can beat the results of an adept technical analysis, and the trading indicators serve this purpose well.
  • You can find many trading indicators on all the trading platforms, including Quotex. Some widely used ones include Bollinger bands, relative strength index, moving averages, etc. 
  • The trader should also use various trading charts to develop a trading system. There are several charts on online platforms, or you could download one from many websites. These charts will help you know more about profitable investments and thus help you create a binary options system that works.
  • Diversifying the trades will help the traders build a working binary options system. You can choose an online trading platform that offers you more than a few underlying assets. You can pick Quotex as your broker if you want a broker who offers you more than 100 underlying assets. It will make diversification and profit-earning easier for you. 


Binary options trading can make you rich if you understand the trading basics. A trader can earn high profits if he has a working binary options system. 

There are many things that can help traders build a perfect trading system. Generally, a trader can know that his binary options system works if more than 50% of his trades add to his fortunes. 

Apart from this, a trader can place winning trades by researching the market and investing in the right asset. He also needs to use the indicators that help with an accurate technical analysis. If a trader’s mathematical calculations with trading indicators, charts, and other tools become accurate, nothing can stop him from earning profits. 

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

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