Binary Options line chart strategy guide

A line chart is the most basic sort of charting, reflecting the closing price of the financial asset on a daily basis. This style of charting provides investors with a clear, convenient representation of the price of the asset. But, do you know how to build a solid plan for achieving successful outcomes in binary options trading? Here’s the answer.

Binary Options line chart

How do you interpret line charts?

The RSI indicator, which includes lines and graphs, is used by the majority of traders since practically all indications have the same concept, lines, and graphs. Line graphs are simple to graphs. These are simply priced graphs that display every day closing prices of said market over time. 

Line charts give tremendous advantages to traders by removing uncertainty since they simply represent closing prices. This charting method is very handy for showing the whole fluctuation of an asset or share.

Charles Dow, the inventor of Dow Theory (the framework for fundamental signals), was entirely focused on the asset’s closing, as the close indicates every day’s exact gains and losses. Dow believed that regular monitoring of highs and lows disguised the underlying value of the security/stock, which is decided solely by the closing price.

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How should line charts be used? Trading methods and indicators for Binary Options

Line chart trading strategies breakouts from trend lines

Binary Options line chart trendline breakout

Trend lines are simple lines drawn on a chart that connects support and resistance level during an upswing or barrier levels during a fall. A trend line may rise, fall, or fluctuate in a zigzag manner. Trend lines are used to connect two or more levels of support that form the trends and patterns.

Creating trend lines is a creative process, not a science. You will get a competitive edge if you draw them correctly.

How can you create the most exquisite trend lines? Or, more significantly, how do you construct acceptable trend lines? The queries listed above are some of the most often posed by traders. To draw trend lines, we clearly need at least 2 trading levels. When we have decided whether the second touch is down or up, we can draw the trend lines. 

Can we, however, use the smallest candle? Or is it the ending of the candles?

It is easy to draw trend lines on a line graph. Line charts aid investors in identifying critical supports and resistance levels, formations, and sometimes chart patterns. The trend lines allow you to understand or detect the crucial levels of resistance with ease.

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Line chart trade patterns

Chart patterns are the most effective trading instrument, with traders employing formations to identify continuation or reversal signals, begin positions, and establish price targets. Line charts can help you identify trends.

The patterns are mostly of two categories, which are as follows:

  • Continuing Patterns – A sinking triangle design and a rising triangular shape indicate that the primary momentum will prevail.
  • Reversal Patterns – A head and shoulders formation that indicates a possible trend reversion.
Binary Options line chart head and shoulders reversal pattern

On the other hand, trend lines cannot be used alone because it does not provide enough price information and should be complemented with other indications. Moreover, trading strategies are hard to emulate with a simple line graph.

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

1-Minute scalping support and resistance on a Line Chart

The notions of support and resistance underpin graphic evaluation. The more professional traders understand that support and resistance levels serve as a starting place for projecting price fluctuations.

  • A support level is a place during which demands (purchasing power) prevent an asset’s price from decreasing anymore.
  • A resistance level is a level at which supplies (selling power) prevent the price of an instrument from increasing any higher.
  • A new support point is commonly detected over the previous trading session’s resistance point, and if a resistance threshold is breached, it becomes a support region.
  • A new resistance point is usually located under the previous trading session’s support level, and if a support level is breached, it becomes a region of resistance.
Binary Options line chart support and resistance

Utilizing patterns is straightforward to locating support and resistance levels. The correct interpretation of such indications is not only vital for swing investors, but it is an excellent starting point for scalpers.

This approach is straightforward: based on historical price fluctuations, we must identify key support and resistance points and scalp these areas for a few pips.

The horizontal lines connecting price fluctuations may be significantly skewed. Most of the time, we can only make educated guesses about such areas. The method for establishing supports and resistance levels is simple; we just have to discover big market highs and lows and connect the variations with a line.

The presence of 3 or more movement points on the line suggests that the support and resistance points are more significant. Have a look at the chart to discover how powerful this fundamental method is. The pips identify different levels of support and resistance. Observe that, even though we are working with a 1-minute timeframe, we have expanded the chart to the highest point with at least two trading sessions.

Line charting for swing trades

Assume we have 6 months of price behavior that contains a strong increasing trend, a catastrophic economic slump wherein the price drops by 100 percent, and a period of stability. Examine how exact particular places of support or resistance are. I can assure you one thing: you will not be able to observe such spots on lines or candlesticks chart.

Conclusion: The line chart is a good method for beginners

Line charts are widely used for a multitude of functions. Bar graphs, too, are useful, but you do not have this many chances. But if you’re an experienced binary trader looking to trade with a certain trading strategy, always use the line chart.

The strategy mentioned above is referred to as 1-minute binary trading. Not only does the RSI provide these possibilities, but practically all indications do as well. If not, choose carefully since precision is critical here.

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

Frequently asked questions:

Is it possible to earn a living trading Binary Options?

As a result, many investors wonder if it is feasible to earn money betting binary options. The quick response is YES; however, the lengthy response is that regular gains from the binary options industry take great effort, passion, and perseverance.

Which is the riskiest options strategic approach?

Selling call options against an asset that you do not have is the riskiest options strategy. This type of trading is known as selling uninsured options or selling naked calls. The only advantage you may profit from this method is the value of the selling price.

Is scalping a smart trading approach?

Scalping may be quite beneficial for investors who utilize it as their main technique or to replace other methods of trading. Following a tight exit plan is essential for compounding modest earnings into significant returns.

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