Binary Options double up strategy explained & examples

Every trader strives to multiply the profits no matter what. For such traders, what can be better than doubling the profits in one go. A double-up strategy may sound like a single-shot profit doubling method. 

But, to do that, traders require more than just the name of this strategy. Like any trading strategy, there is a dire need to know about it in-depth before beginning to use it. So, let’s move forward, debunk all the misconceptions, and know the facts.

What does a double-up strategy signify?

Binary Options double up strategy

The biggest clue is there in the name itself for us to understand the binary options double-up strategy. This strategy focuses on prompting the trader to double up the current position

So in simple terms, you double up the bet no matter what trading position you hold. If the outcomes result in profit, it shall be double the initial investment. Similarly, the same principle applies to the loss.

The double-up strategy is a strategy that brokers support largely nowadays. Consequentially, it is available as a feature on various platforms rather than a mere binary strategy. This strategy is not limited to binary options trading alone and is applicable wherever you think doubling up the bets will give more profits.

The idea of doubling up the trades to get two times of the profit is not new. Many brokers are already offering this facility through their platforms. With the help of an advanced broker like, you may even expect to achieve a doubled-up trade with a single click.

So, in furtherance, we can say that it is simple to execute, provided the broker allows it. The double-up strategy is more of a feature than a strategy that many brokers offer to their clients.

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It is in usage because of its potential to double the profits with just a click. That makes the strategy sound profitable instantly and grabs the attention of many traders. Brokers benefit from the traders using this strategy as well. When the traders instantly double up the bet, that yields a greater trading volume. So, the more the traders use the double-up strategy, the more the brokers can increase their overall volume.

The core of the double-up strategy is to bet with double the investments and get double the profits. However, traders often miss a catch here. When they double up their investments, they also double up the risk of losing them. So, the profits will eventually depend upon your accurate prediction anyhow. 

If you fail to predict correctly, the losses also become twice in quantity. Hence, to say that this strategy is a high-risk- high gain strategy won’t be false. But, when you are a binary options trader, taking high risks for higher returns becomes a part of your daily activity.

To apply this strategy or feature, you do not require a deep understanding of technicalities. Of course, it is essential to know about binary trading as a whole, but other than that applying this feature is simple. A separate trade is usually allowed after a particular period when you want to double up.

But, it is not a strategy that all brokers offer. So, be it or any other top broker, you must confirm the availability of a double-up strategy.

One of the ways to know if the broker’s platform offers this is through the x2 marking. Usually, the x2 indicates the option to double-up your investments.

Is the Martingale strategy an example of a double-up strategy?

Martingale roulette strategy

Many traders get confused with the double-up strategy to be similar to the martingale strategy. Now, martingale is another popular binary trading strategy that may have some similarities. In a martingale strategy, the idea is to minimize future losses by doubling up the bets during a losing trade’s occurrence. 

That gives a greater probability of preventing more losses in the long run. On the other side, the doubling up strategy simply allows the trader to double up the investments. The result only depends on the trader’s accurate prediction in a double-up strategy.

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

Example of the Binary Options double-up strategy

Understanding the double-up strategy will become lucid with a simple example. Say a trader wants to trade in currencies and choose the currency pair EUR/JPY. Once she completes the market analysis, she concludes that the price will increase. 

Binary Options double-up strategy example

At this point, she needs to initiate the double-up feature through the icon on display. She must do it quickly as the offer may time out. In furtherance, if the prediction falls accurately, it will result in a double payout. Simple!

Does it have any disadvantages?

  • Usually, the double-up option is available only for 5-10 minutes prior to the trade’s expiry. So, acting quickly without any doubts in mind is essential.
  • This strategy is useful only if you are sure about a win. So, a trader cannot use it for experimenting.
  • Only if the market volatility remains the same will this strategy show its effective results.
  • A binary trader cannot use this strategy without analyzing the trading charts and conducting market research.

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

Why should you use strategies in Binary Options?

When you trade with a top broker like, it is understandable that such a question may sound absurd. As a broker, may suffice all your trading requirements. It comes with 400 plus trading tools to ease the process, and you can choose from all securities that can be traded as assets. Even cryptos are available. 

But, a reliable broker’s services alone do not guarantee trading growth. There is a significant need to incorporate trading strategies, especially when trading in binary options. The main reason is that the binary market is volatile and unpredictable, with just two choices. You either select a yes or no proposition to predict the price movement. The strategies can give you a grip on the risks and help control them. 

Though it is impossible to eliminate them, you can minimize the risks. That will increase your probability of winning the trades. We must be aware that in binary, only 20% of all the traders actually make money, and the rest, 80%, lose it. One of the reasons for that is picking an effective strategy. 

Now, your broker may or may not offer a strategy such as the double-up. But, you can still incorporate other effective ones such as the martingale, straddle, candlestick, etc. Also, before any strategy’s usage, you must conduct thorough research and learn trading basics.

Conclusion: The double-up strategy can be helpful

A double-up strategy can be a fruitful way to get twice the profits. But, a trader must be 100% sure of the results for that. 

Despite that, it remains a popular strategy among traders.

Now, a broker like may or may not offer this feature. 

So, you can use other strategies depending on your trading goals. However, all strategies come with their own pros and cons. Therefore, smart traders will try to know all the key aspects before using them.

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

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