Quotex review – Should you sign up? – Pros and cons of the broker

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5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)Binary Options$10Up to 95%+

Quotex.io is a new-age binary trading financial platform that offers various types of services and products for investment. It was established in 2020 and operated by Maxbit LLC- a firm based in St. Vincent und die Grenadinen. Quotex can give you opportunities to make profits by trading different assets such as cryptocurrencies, binary trading, and commodities.

Since 2020, the company has dealt with more than 4 million traders. Behind the success of Quotex, their offerings on market signals and copy trading are the eminent factors. The company gives you a proprietary platform to trade without any extra cost. The web platform has an online mobile application that you can download on both iPhone and Android. 

If you want to log in through the desktop, you can also do that easily. You will only need to sign up or to log in (existing) to your account.

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

How to use the trading platform of Quotex?

Firstly, you would need to sign up or register for an account on the web platform. After that, you will be able to access the web-based platforms and start trading. You’ll need to follow the given instructions just after accessing the Quotex login portal:

Choose an asset

If you can win, every instrument shows a specific return percentage on investment from 1% to 98%.

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

Need to select an expiry time 

You can choose an expiry time from one minute to 4 hours. You can fine-tune the selected timespan to seconds. 

Invest the amount

You should choose the right amount of capital to invest to secure your market position. 

Select the direction

You’ll need to choose the direction- ‘up’ and ‘down’ to which your asset price moves in the designated time. 

Every time you fix an asset, the platform will give you a live-action on Quotex. This platform will show you a difference in assets graph within 5 seconds to 24 hours.

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

Available assets to trade on Quotex

The variety of assets is another reason behind the popularity of Quotex. The platform offers 400+ assets like the digital binary trading options. Here’s a list of some of the most trader-used assets. 


  • 27 forex pairs 
  • The nature of the pairs is mostly from majors to exotics


  • Litecoins
  • Bitcoins 
  • Ripple 
  • Ethereum Coins 


  • 15 exchanges
  • These exchanges include some leading indices like FTSE100 and Dow Jones 


  • Gold
  • Silver 
  • Oil

Commissions and fees explained:

The most important part of this digital trading platform is no commission. Therefore, the traders will get relief from overburdening costs and commission fees. Some interesting facts on Quotex’s fees and commissions have been given below:

  • Quote provides you with no specific or restricted margin requirements. 
  • This platform will not give you any leverage on the products. 
  • You’ll not have to pay any account fees to Quotex.
  • The traders are free of any deposit and withdrawal fees. 
  • Although if you pay through any bank credit cards and payment gateways, they will charge you an extra transfer fee of 1-5%.

Quotex sets the profit percentage of each financial instrument (present in the platform). The profit percentage can vary on different factors such as liquidity associated with assets, trade execution time, and economic events. 

For example, EUR/USD currently offers 80% of the profit. Therefore, if a client invests $1,000 and can correctly assume price movement during a chosen time, they will receive only $1,800 for that particular trade. Therefore, you should follow the given profit percentage lists on Quotex. 

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

Is there leverage on the Quotex platform?

Unlike many other broker platforms, Quotex doesn’t offer the traders any leveraged investment services. Hence, this might limit the access to the market for a few beginners. On the brighter side, this feature can definitely retain you from losing. 

Deposits and withdrawals on Quotex:

The bare minimum deposit that a trader can invest while using the Quotex trading platform is $10. You can withdraw a minimum of $10 from the account. On the other hand, you would need to use $50 while you’re dealing in Bitcoins. 

A client can deposit funds in Quotex through different types of mediums. These trading deposit media are bank credit and debit cards, cryptocurrencies, digital wallets, and online banking. Payment methods will be different in each country. 

For a clear example, a US trader can quickly deposit funds in the form of Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. But an Indian trader will need to take the help of local banks and popular e-wallets when they want to add cryptos to their accounts. 

Quotex.io offers you a 24/7 service on trading. Their minimum trading value is as low as $1 per trade. However, on this platform, you can earn impressive amounts as Quotex offers brokers a super high payout percentage of 95% or more. 

In many cases, an additional requirement check is not necessary. However, when a trader is involved in high-value transactions, the corporation may request verification. 

For your convenience, we’ve noted most of the deposit and withdrawal-related facts of Quotex in the following table. 

Transaction typeDetails 
Minimum deposit:$10
Minimum withdrawal:$10 
Minimum withdrawal for Bitcoin:$50
Payouts:84% – 95% (or more in some cases)
Withdrawal time:1 -5 days

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

Quotex bonus and offers 

Based on the capital outlays, Quotex offers you a tiered deposit bonus. For instance, you’ll get $10 as a bonus while depositing $50. So, in total, you will get a bonus of 20%. Additionally, you can get more bonus percentages like 30%, 35%, or 45%. 

Quotex offers proper bonuses, which are counted as profits for traders. You should activate your bonuses before you get into trading. Therefore, you’ll earn a welcome bonus from Quotex. You’ll get a chance to make a 30% hike on the first deposit. 

Additionally, you’re offered with 40% of deposit bonus with Quotex. On the other hand, you can use promo codes to receive different rewards and trading profits, such as cashback. You’ll need to read the terms and conditions to ensure the bonuses suit different strategies.  

Quotex has never got tired of offering a better trading experience. The platform includes various promotional events such as cashback rewards, Cancel X points, and balanced bonuses. We recommend you see the website of Quotex for the latest updates and details. Plus, you need to check out bonus-related terms and conditions before putting a step forward to trading. 

Is Quotex regulated?

International Financial Market Relations Regulation Centre (IFMRRC) licensed Quotex. Regulation from IFMRRC will secure many transactional aspects of the company. Therefore, Quotex will be included as a member of a compensation fund. For this regulation, if the brokerage violates any term of this license or failed to make payments, they will be entitled to reimburse the clients. 

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)


This online trading platform maintains a high-security standard for better and more authentic transactions. Quotex would use specialized technologies for safeguarding the client’s information. This company will keep every trader’s personal details and data intact. Therefore, information leakage to any third party will not be a concern here.  

Types of Quotex trading accounts

Quotex app has mainly three types of accounts from which the traders can operate successfully. We have listed the three types as follows; 

Basic Account

Through basic account trading, Quotes provides 85% payouts. Surprisingly, this payout rate applies to all types of assets. 

Pro Account

With this type of account, you’ll be able to gain a profit of more than 2% on every asset. 

VIP Account

You can earn a profit percentage of more than 4%on every kind of asset. 

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

Quotex demo account: USP of the platform 

Any trader can avail the demo account directly from the company’s official website. This account can be trailed within a few seconds. Quotex will finance the sample account with $10,000. Demo account users will get a chance to use a wide range of products like trading tools, indicators, and signals. 

Traders will quickly understand the responsibilities they need to work on for a better trading experience. Therefore, you can use these accounts to know how most of the products associated with a Quotex account operate.

Benefits (pros):

You can get many advantages from Quotex as a trader. Some of them have been listed below. 

  • Easy and interactive interface of the online platform  
  • Minimum deposit free 
  • No withdrawal fees 
  • Use of 19 different languages for global access
  • Boundless trading signals 
  • Copy Trading functions 
  • 40% deposit bonus (Terms & Conditions)
  • Quick access to a demo account 

Additional features of Quotex: 

Easily analyzed charts and graphs

With charts and graphs, you will easily analyze and interpret the market condition. 

Technical tools

These tools help you discover the different market movements and technical variability.

Effective indicators

The indicators can help you understand the actual market condition in the financial aspects. Therefore, various indexing and charting will be easy to comprehend.  

Changeable frames

These frames are used for different technical analyses. These frames can be changed over some time. Therefore, the duration of changing every frame will be less than five minutes. 

Varieties of indicators

There will be a diverse range of indicators that will help you to analyze the market risks. With different charting options such as Bollinger bands and moving averages, traders will be aware of the market position. 


The platform can function with incredible speed.

Customer support

The website will provide 24/7 support from our support team. Traders can be involved in live chats and mail to Support@quotex.io. You can raise a ticket on your query and submit it after resolving it. 

Platform channels availability

Every feature in the multiple trading channels is already listed on the platforms. But the main part is that the components will be accessed easily in Quotex. 

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

Drawbacks (cons)

Apart from the pros, there are some cons associated with the Quotex account.

  • Restricted leverage margin to the online traders 
  • Mobile apps are incompatible with Apple iPhones and Tablets
  • The working hours are quite different for US clients 

Comparison to other competitors

Min deposit$10$10$5$50
Trading instrumentscurrency pairs / CFD IndicesCryptocurrenciesCommoditiesIndexesStockcurrency pairs / CFD goodsIndexesForex Goods Stockrandom indexNA
SignalsNo Yes No No 
Analytical supportNoYes Yes No 
TrainingNoYes Yes No 
AdditionaltoolsNo No premature closingNo 

Conclusion of the review: ratings of this Binary broker:

Overall rating 10/10
Orders Execution10/10
Investment Instruments 10/10
Withdrawal speed 10/10
Customer Speed 10/10
Variety of instrument 10/10
Trading Platform 10/10

(Risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

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