4 best 60 seconds Binary Options strategies for beginners

For short-term trading, 60 seconds binary options strategy is quite popular. 

By choosing a 60 seconds strategy, one can trade multiple times a day as the outcome comes within 60 seconds. While this fast trading system seems extra-profitable, you might not earn enough profits without a proper trading strategy

So, if you are willing to follow a 60 seconds trading strategy, you must practice in the demo account and switch to real money. In this guide, we will show you the best strategies for 60-second trading.

What exactly is the 60 seconds strategy?

60 seconds trading can be defined as investing in a fast market. You should definitely try this trading strategy to make quick money. With this strategy, you do not have to stay in the risky market for long. 

But the 60 seconds strategy is not easy. As you have to exit the market in 60 seconds, you must quickly understand the price movement and analyze the market. Incorrectly predicting the asset’s movement will make you lose all the traded amount. 

New traders are advised to stay away from this short-term trading strategy as they are more prone to losing money. If you want to succeed with this trading strategy, you need a reliable broker and a better strategy. Also, you must familiarize yourself with this strategy before trading with real money. 

What is 60 seconds strategy for? 

60 seconds trading strategy is ideal for beginners and experienced users. As a beginner, you get a chance to gain faster profits and earn money with minimum knowledge. Similarly, professionals can increase their income by making a profit out of their income

Advantages of 60 seconds strategies

  • Through 60 seconds trading, you can make quick money in any session. Not to mention, analyzing the market and following the trends can be quickly done. 
  • Almost all the brokers allow 60 seconds of trading. But only a few of them offer bonuses like Adsense of commission and unique activities. 
  • With 1 minute expiry time, you can make around 40-50 profitable deals in 1 hour. 

Disadvantages of 60 seconds strategies

While the 60 seconds strategy seems to work well, there are a few disadvantages as well. Below are a few of them. 

  • If you are choosing 60 seconds expiry time, try to predict the market accurately. Otherwise, you must be prepared to lose the whole investment for your wrong speculations. 
  • In the long-term trades, the value of an asset fluctuates multiple times before it hits the desired price and makes you win a huge payout. However, in the 60 seconds trade, there is a high chance that the asset might not hit the desired price in the given time. 
  • 60 seconds trades are considered riskier than long-term trades. 

Example of 60 seconds trades:

Here’s a quick example of how a 60 seconds trading strategy works.

Suppose a trading pair EUR/USD is priced at 1.1256 at 3:30 PM. While choosing the 60 seconds, you have expected the price to increase. Therefore, you have selected the “high” or “call” option and purchased the binary option

At the end of the 60 seconds, i.e., 3:31 PM, if the price of assets increases, you will win the trade. You get your investment back with a higher payout. But if the asset price decreases, you will lose all the traded amount. 

Similarly, if you have selected the “low” or “put” option, and the price decreases, you will win a higher payout. But if, in this case, the price increases, you will lose all the traded amount. 

Best 60 seconds trading strategies:

Below are some of the best strategies you can use while trading 60-second binary options. Make sure you use one of these strategies to win better payouts. 

1. Use signals 

Trading signals are one of the easiest ways to predict a trade’s success. It happens because signals represent triggers to take action in the trading world. Both bots and humans can generate the signals for a trade’s success. 

Signals are usually helpful as they guide traders in correctly placing the trade. But signals cannot be trusted 100% of the time. So, for the 60-second option, you can rely on the signals, but you must also check the news and examine the trading charts. 

2. Follow trends 

Another great 60-second binary options strategy is following trends. Since binary options markets rely on the traders’ speculations, the asset price varies in response to the trends. 

Usually, the trend moves in a zigzag pattern. That means traders using strategy have to trade current trades of swings. It’s important to examine the charts and pay attention to the trend lines. In case the line rises, that means the price of an asset is rising as well. But if the line is flat, you might want to trade a different asset. 

3. Pinocchio strategy 

This trading strategy is the opposite of the previous one. Here, the trader speculates an asset’s price against a trend. For example, if the price of an asset increases, the trader will assume that the price will decrease and place the trade accordingly. 

Similarly, if the asset’s price declines, the trader will assume it will increase and trade accordingly. For this trend, you can take the help of a candlestick chart. Try to examine the chart and determine whether the candles are light or dark. Light candles indicate a bearish trading environment, and dark candles indicate bullish. 

4. Have high-risk management

60-second binary options are indeed risky to trade. But you can limit the losses by calculating your risk. Try to avoid placing binary options trades just for the sake of placing trades. 

Understanding the asset and comprehensive market research will help you place successful trades. It’s also not advised to risk more than what you can afford. Advanced binary options traders do not like to risk more than 1-2% of their money on the trading market. 

How to trade 60-seconds binary options: 

Here’s how you can easily trade 60-second binary options without any loss. 

Create a trading account 

You must create a trading account if you want to trade 60-second binary options. You are advised to choose a reliable broker like Quotex, Binary.com, or IQ Option, as these have low deposit amounts, no fees, and high payout. 

Fund your account 

After registering yourself with a reliable trading broker, the next step is to fund your account. Choosing a low deposit broker will be helpful while funding your account. 

Perform market analysis 

If you want to avoid losses, you must perform a thorough market analysis before placing your trades. You can also apply the right strategy to make sure your trade expires in the money. You can read the news channel, use signals, and monitor charts to perform market analysis or technical analysis

Buy the option 

The last thing that you need to do is buy the option. Before buying an option, you need to understand how long the position will be open in 60-seconds of trading. Following this, fix the amount of money you want to trade and predict the asset’s price movement. 

The brokers we have recommended allow you to execute a trade for as low as $1. Both beginners and professional traders can risk this much money on their 60-seconds binary option. 

Where to trade 60 seconds binary option

If you want to trade 60-second binary options successfully, you must take the help of the right broker. Trading through a broker that positively influences your trading strategy can help you make successful trades. 

Below are some great 60-seconds binary options brokers


Quotex is a great broker that charges a minimum deposit of $5 and no additional trading fees. You can start trading as low as $1. What’s better? Well, Quotex allows a number of payment methods so you can quickly deposit and withdraw your money. Some accepted methods include crypto, wire transfer, cards, and eWallets. 

One of the biggest advantages of making 60-seconds trade with this broker is that you get a chance to earn up to 95% high profits. In addition, you also get a big bonus opportunity and a free demo account.

IFMRRC securely regulates this trading broker. You can perform decent social trading, high/low trades, and turbo trades through this platform. 


Another great broker for performing 60-second trading is Binary.com. Even this platform charges a low deposit fee of $5 and no additional fees. You can start trading with $1 and earn a maximum profit of 85%. 

Binary.com offers numerous payment options, including Skrill, Bitcoin, wire transfer, and more. This popular trading broker is trusted and used by numerous traders. You can get yourself registered with this broker as it offers numerous advantages. 

Firstly, Binary.com offers an opportunity to trade from hundreds of assets. Also, it uses cutting-edge technology to offer a better trading experience. Furthermore, traders get a free demo account for practice. 

This trading platform is regulated by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (BVIFSC), the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), and the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LOFSA).

IQ Option

IQ Option is a remarkable trading broker that offers binary options, Forex trading, and stock trading services. If you trade 60-second binary options through this broker, you can expect a 95% high payout. 

You can start the trade with as low as $1 with no extra fees. This trading broker charges a minimum deposit fee of $10. Deposits and withdrawals can be made using debit cards, credit cards, and eWallets. 

This trading broker was founded in 2013 and soon became a market leader.

Are 60 seconds Binary Options trading profitable?

Like any other trading, 60-second binary options trading is also profitable. However, it also involves risks, which should not be overlooked. As a new trader, you have a high risk of losing your initial investment as things might go as planned for this trading style. 

You need to play safe by properly calculating your risks. You can only win big money if you take bigger risks. By using a good strategy, you can increase your win rate and master 60-second trading. 

60-second trading closely resembles gambling at a casino. Thus, you must only see this trading as a source of additional income. 


We hope that this post has answered all of your questions related to the 60-second trading strategy. Before you try this trading style, remember that binary options are a risky market. So, you must only trade the amount you can afford to lose. 


How successful are 60 seconds binary options traders?

Binary options trading has gained huge popularity that offers the highest payout. For several 60 seconds binary options traders have become successful. You can also master this trading style with the right market knowledge and trading strategy. 

Can 60 seconds trade be expanded? 

No, you cannot expand this trade as its whole idea is to make you win or lose money within a minute. So, it is not easy to find a broker that might increase your 60 seconds trade expiry time. Opt for long-term trades if you feel 60 seconds of trading is risky. 

Can I test 60 seconds of trade? 

You can test 60 seconds of trade through a demo account. In fact, testing the strategy makes sense as it helps you develop an understanding of this trading style. 

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